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Musk criticizes Tesla’s pilot self-driving program

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has criticized the company’s latest driver assistance beta program, Beta 9.2 of its fully autonomous driving program (FSD), via platform Twitter.

Musk wrote: The FSD 9.2 beta isn’t great. But the bot team and AI are mobilizing to improve as quickly as possible.

“We’re trying to have one pile each for highways and city streets,” he added. But this requires massive retraining of neural networks.

The company sells Package Full self-driving or FSD for $10,000 or $199 per month in the US.

And the premium driver assistance system doesn’t make Tesla electric cars safe to use without a vigilant driver behind the wheel.

The FSD pilot program is available to Tesla employees and some drivers who have previously purchased an FSD. The demo version features new or newly revised functions that have been added to the vehicle’s premium driver assistance features.

Drivers usually agree to keep their experiences private. This is although it does allow some public FSD beta users to post videos on social media showing and criticizing the latest features they’ve tried on US roads.

Regulators may one day decide not to allow vehicles to be tested with untrained drivers on public roads. But no laws currently interfere with Tesla’s ability to turn its customers, and everyone who shares their path, into people of experience.

Musk’s critical tweet came days after he praised Tesla’s prowess with autonomous systems and components at an event called Tesla AI Day.

At that event, the company displayed a chip dedicated to training artificial intelligence networks in data centers. The chip aims to train models to automatically recognize a variety of obstacles that appear on the road in video feeds recorded by cameras inside Tesla cars.

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Musk criticizes Tesla’s self-driving program

Among other things, fully self-driving is being sold today with the promise of enabling the company’s vehicle to automatically change lanes, navigate the highway, move into a parking space, or exit a parking space and drive a small distance to the driver’s side at a slow pace without Someone is sitting behind the wheel.

AndSays The company: Full autonomous driving later this year includes the ability to steer automatically on city streets. It is a long-awaited feature.

Musk’s critical tweet also comes in the wake of the launch of official investigation The Autopilot system was introduced by the US Federal Vehicle Safety Authorities last week.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the company’s autopilot vehicles collided with first responder vehicles at least 11 times in the United States. As a result, at least 17 people were injured and one person was killed.

The investigation is trying to find out if the autopilot contains security flaws that might require Tesla to change them.

Plus, the National Transportation Safety Board said late last week: Manufacturers have to be honest about what their technology does and doesn’t, whether it’s Tesla or someone else.

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