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More than 50% of young people use smartphones to study

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With the return of the new school year, and electronic equipment taking an increasingly important role in our new reality, WIKO wanted to understand if young people use their smartphones for school-related tasks.

It is true that nowadays a smartphone allows you to do almost anything and there are numerous study applications that can help students to study the subjects taught, as well as develop exercises and work on the topics they need.

Thus, according to what was found by WIKO, more than half of the participants (53%) say they use their smartphone to study, although only 40% use this equipment to do their homework directly, such as solving exercises on the platforms indicated by the teachers. Generous screens and good storage capacity make these devices good study partners, allowing you to keep notes, research materials and search for new knowledge even in progress.


However, using a smartphone to study is not without some challenges: 72% of participants admit to having fun on social media while studying, making it easier to go do it scroll through the Instagram or Facebook wall, or see who made the most recent post, when we already have the smartphone in hand.

There are, however, some smartphone tools that can help you not to break your concentration and divide your time between study and leisure: in the notebook, for example, it is possible to point out the subjects to study and divide them in a way to have rest breaks in the middle; if you prefer, you can also set the alarm, and when it goes off, you have your deserved break for social media or something else you want to do to relax and then return to study with more spirit.

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