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Microsoft will end with Adobe Flash once and for all

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It is no big secret that Adobe Flash has already ended and that the new browsers no longer even allow it to have any Flash support, even if they try. Now, we also know that Microsoft is slowly killing Flash in Windows 10, offering an update to remove the software, and for most users, this update is done automatically and Flash disappears.

However, there are people who do not update and, for example, in the business sector, updates do not happen at the same pace as the consumer, since they are controlled by the company itself. However, this is going to change.

In a post in September, which received recently updated information, Microsoft announced that it will add the Flash removal update to Patch Tuesday updates this summer. This will happen in June for versions 1809 and later of Windows 10, while it will happen in July for versions 1507 and 1607. July is also when users of Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard will receive this new update.

Microsoft will end with Adobe Flash once and for all

Patch Tuesday updates are mandatory, even if the user tries not to do them, it will be installed automatically at some point, which will cause Microsoft to completely end any presence of Flash on your operating system, which could still cause some safety problems.

Obviously, these updates will only reach supported versions of Windows. Versions 1507 and 1607, although almost six and five years old, respectively, are still supported in the long-term maintenance business. Version 1809 is compatible with the Long Term Maintenance Channel and the Enterprise and Education SKUs of the OS.

The death of Adobe Flash was slow, since several years ago it is said that Flash became unsafe, and it was necessary for the main companies behind the browser to announce that they would stop allowing this software in their browsers, for Flash to start (the seriously) to stop being part of computers. Very soon, Flash will be a thing of the past (totally).

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