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Microsoft wants to improve video editing on Windows

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Microsoft has acquired the browser-based video-editing tool Clipchamp, and the company is hinting that it might be a perfect fit for Windows.

Clipchamp allows people to create and edit videos in a browser and harness the full power of the GPU to deliver the end result.

Founded in 2013, Clipchamp is based in Australia, has 92 employees, and said in July it had 17 million registered users, with adoption at more than 390,000 companies.

Clipchamp is used by companies such as Google, Dell and Deloitte. The technology aligns with the company’s years-long effort to expand its productivity software offerings for both individual and business users.

And when Microsoft announced upcoming price increases for its Office 365 subscriptions in August. She indicated additions to the package, including the Microsoft Teams communications application.

The software giant is now looking to integrate Clipchamp into Microsoft 365 offerings, and possibly even Windows itself.

“Clipchamp’s technical approach is to combine the simplicity of a web application with the ability to process video using the full computing power of a computer with GPU acceleration, something previously limited to traditional video applications,” the company said.

As a web tool that harnesses the full power of a computer, Clipchamp is a natural fit for expanding Microsoft 365 cloud-powered productivity experiences for individuals, families, schools, and businesses. as well as Very suitable for Windows operating system.

This indicates that the software giant could integrate Clipchamp into Windows in the future. Clipchamp is available as an app in the Microsoft Store.

Compared to Clipchamp, the current software giant’s tools forCurrent video mods for Windows are considered useless.

Windows 11 may improve this situation, along with possible Clipchamp integration in the future.

The President of Windows and Hardware Panos Banay with excitement A new photo app for Windows 11 just minutes before the acquisition was announced, with what looked like better photo and video editing tools.

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Microsoft wants to improve video editing on Windows

The current Photos app in Windows 10 can edit videos. But the tools are very basic, and they don’t even come close to the level of editing options available in Clipchamp.

Clipchamp uses a suite of templates and a library of filters, transitions, storage media, and styles to let people create videos with multi-track audio support and easy-to-use editing.

And the Microsoft acquisition appears to be part of the company’s renewed focus on creating, and even consumer-friendly, apps.

The company recently hired a former Uber executive to lead its consumer apps efforts within the company. It came months after CEO Satya Nadella said: The next 10 years will be as much about creativity as it is about consumption and the society around it.

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