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Microsoft wants Steam in its App Store

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It seems that Microsoft’s interests are not limited to bringing the Amazon Appstore to Windows 11 only.

Microsoft’s sudden change to Windows 11 represents a more open approach to the Windows Store, and it may mean that we may see Steam games included in the future.

This new open approach sees several changes to the Windows App Store, including Amazon’s Appstore for Android apps and allowing developers to keep 100 percent of revenue using third-party payment platforms.

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And thestated OS chief Panos Panay said in an interview that Microsoft wants other third-party app stores, such as Steam and Epic Games, within its own portal.

The company’s new policies such as allowing developers to keep all revenue from third-party platforms were designed with alternative stores in mind, Banai said, adding that such stores are welcome.

“Windows hosts these stores in many ways, and if we can host them through the Microsoft Store, that’s fine.” We encourage others to come to the store, which is why we have some of these policies in place.

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Microsoft goals

Steam has become a huge store for games and apps across Windows over the years, and Banay envisions a future for the Windows App Store where people will find the apps they want regardless of competing stores.

The software giant aims to make the Windows Store 11 your go-to source for apps, and Banay said: You type in the name of the app you want and you get it.

However, the software giant’s policies may get in the way. The Windows 11 App Store no commission policy does not apply to games. It is doubtful whether Steam or Epic Games would allow Microsoft to receive an additional commission.

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Microsoft either needs to clarify its policies or make exceptions for Steam and Epic Games to appear. Any store expansions will likely require building trust.

If Microsoft succeeds in this, it may enhance the account of the Windows 11 App Store and enhance the dominance of its operating system in PC games.

And you may still have to install Steam and Epic Games apps. But you won’t have to run a bunch of launchers to find your favorite game.

This is not likely to change for Linux and Mac users any time soon. And that’s no matter how much game makers embrace either platform.

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