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Microsoft turned Surface Duo into a portable Xbox

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Approximately two years ago, Microsoft alluded to what the potential of a portable Xbox with the Surface Duo could be during its launch. Finally, he is experiencing the light of day now. Microsoft is updating its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) app for Android, and includes dual-screen support for the Surface Duo.

Updating the app allows Surface Duo owners to use a gamepad on one of the device’s screens and play on the other. This, due to these characteristics, makes the Surface Duo look more like a Nintendo 3DS than a mobile phone with touch controls for a variety of games.

Microsoft has been adding Xbox Touch controls to more than 50 games in the past few months, including titles like Sea of ​​Thieves, Gears 5 and Minecraft Dungeons. The full list of touch-comatible games is available and the player has the opportunity to use only one Xbox controller or even the well-known Blutooth to stream games to the Surface Duo.

Microsoft turned Surface Duo into a portable

Apparently, the benefits of a dual-screen device for this type of mobile experience seem to be obvious.

Since there are no more control buttons touch at the top of the game therefore the thumbs of the gamer they will no longer hinder the visualization of the important actions taking place on the screen. If dual-screen or foldable devices become popular, this is a very sophisticated way to play Xbox games without a controller purpose designed.

Microsoft has also made some adjustments to the rest of Xbox Cloud Gaming to work better on the Surface Duo. Improvements include making it easier to view content, navigate menus and add column layouts. The updated app is now available on the Google Play Store.

Source: The Verge

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