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Microsoft Together mode available on Skype

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This week, Microsoft added one of the best video call features to Skype: “Together Mode”(Together mode). This feature uses artificial intelligence to select your face and shoulders, placing you in a virtual environment with other users.

To make this feature functional, at least five people with cameras are required. From there, Together Mode places all users side by side. It is available in version 8.67 for Windows, Mac, Linux and the Web.

Together mode

To establish meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft introduced the Together Mode for the first time in July. In order to offer a unique experience to basketball fans, the NBA has also started using this feature and offers the simulation of a live game.

modo juntos da microsoft disponivel no skype 1


Finally, Microsoft has made Skype more exciting. After all, earlier this year, when the Covid-19 virus forced millions of people to work from home and just socialize with friends and family via video calls, several users chose to use Zoom. At that time (and to a considerable degree), Skype lost a lot of users.

Undoubtedly, Skype competes more specifically with corporate calling solutions like Zoom. For more personal conversations, users prefer Google Hangouts, Instagram or WhatsApp.

New functionality

In addition to this new feature, Microsoft is also making the “Grand Gallery Mode” feature available to Skype so you can watch everyone’s video at once. Another new feature of this new version of Skype is that it allows you to add a person to an ongoing call using your phone number. Microsoft has also added more predefined funds and more fund categories.

Have you had a chance to try some of these new features? Are you going to use Skype again or prefer another application?

Source: Phone World

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