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Microsoft Teams will receive new functionality

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With the Covid-19 pandemic, we attended endless meetings through platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In order to have a little fun or not reveal details about our “workplace”, there are some funds available to present to our colleagues and / or clients.

Microsoft Teams is now preparing a new experience for its users: “Dynamic View”.

Screen customization

One of the features that will be coming soon to Microsoft Teams and that will help to keep the focus of meeting participants is the “Dynamic View”. This feature allows all participants in a meeting to be able to project the content side by side and, at the same time, it is also possible to customize the information that is available on the screen.

As its name implies, the “Dynamic View” allows you to obtain a customizable view of the content that is shared with the participants. In this way, it is possible to captivate and pin participants to the screen instead of looking for them in sidebars. In turn, it also allows you to validate whether someone has “raised their hand” and when a new presenter starts their participation during the meeting.

Microsoft Teams will receive new functionality

More productive video calls

Microsoft Teams has constantly sought to optimize its resources and make video calls more visually interesting and productive for its users. According to the latest news, the “Dynamic View”Is expected to arrive in March.

Last year, the Microsoft Teams application received several updates, such as real-time reactions, real-time transcription, the inclusion of a task application that makes Teams simpler to use and more flexible, as well as high-level identification tools. -speaker.

These new features allowed several companies to choose Microsoft Teams for business meetings and, “abandon”, the Zoom application. What is your favorite application? Leave us a comment to explain!

Source: Toms Guide

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