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Microsoft Teams opens its doors to collaborative applications

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The software giant allowed developers last year to create third-party apps in Microsoft Teams, but it goes one step further with Build 2021.

And in an effort to get more application developers to build Microsoft Teams, open Microsoft Corporation has its APIs and the Microsoft Teams Store and tools for what it calls collaborative applications.

Soon, developers could create apps that plug into the Microsoft Teams meeting board, those that use in-app purchases or subscriptions, and even create separate apps that can access streaming video and audio in real time to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft said: If you can create web applications, you can create extensions in Microsoft Teams conversations, channels, and meetings, and you can build once, run them, and publish them anywhere.

This means that the applications designed for the platform work across Windows, Mac, web, Android, iOS, and even Linux operating systems.

And while it appeared Some applications That took advantage of the boardroom previously, Microsoft released a preview that allows developers to share applications such as: whiteboards and project boards and share applications directly in the meeting area of ​​Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is also making it easier for developers to create these applications with greater integration into Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft also offers Together Mode, which uses artificial intelligence to divide your face and shoulders and put you and your co-workers together in a virtual space. We provide tools so people can design Together Modes scenes.

Later this summer, Microsoft is allowing third-party apps to access real-time audio and video broadcasts from the platform.

This allows transcription or note-taking applications to process audio and video out from Microsoft Teams, and allows developers to create custom applications that can access the platform.

The company said: Anyone can create a completely dedicated application, and this application can interact with the platform via voice, video or chat.

Microsoft also allows developers to sell subscriptions within Microsoft Teams apps, which opens up the platform’s store for in-app purchases.

With 145 million daily active users of the platform, it is certain that there is a desire for more applications that are connected to Microsoft meetings that distinguish and appear within them.

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