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Microsoft Teams now allows file exchange, finally!

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Microsoft Teams became a powerful video conferencing competitor for names like Zoom and Slack last year with the integration of Teams Office 365 with Outlook, making it an invaluable tool for many users.

Update on Microsoft Teams shares, you have now obtained a release for the Microsoft Teams desktop application for Windows 10 and macOS users. Just for now, the update offers users a better user interface, by allowing them to share their screen, as well as content during a conference call.

There is also a change in the location where the sharing tray is located, which is now housed in the top menu to make it much easier for users to access any file when needed. Microsoft Teams users can finally share files properly, as the Teams update makes it much easier to share content at meetings, for example.

Microsoft Teams now allows file exchange finally

File sharing in Microsoft Teams meetings can be configured by a super useful update thanks to a new update bringing sharing, and UI improvements, during a meeting.

With Microsoft releasing regular updates to the app, this only makes Teams more useful when hourly meetings need to have a shared screen to emphasize one more point.

The move also brings the PowerPoint Live feature to this sharing area, along with the option to display a certain window when sharing the screen. If we have multiple monitors, you can also allow Teams to share only one screen, and there is also the option to include local sounds from your PC.

The update is being released now, at which point we will be able to manually verify with access to the Microsoft Teams profile image and then About> Check for Updates. If available for your version of the application, the update will be downloaded and installed.

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