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Microsoft Teams is getting a very useful upgrade

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Microsoft’s Teams will soon allow administrators to control the bandwidth it consumes, with the new feature still in development, but expected to be released to all Teams users by the end of May.

With the increase in remote work and the exodus from large cities, IT teams have had to figure out how to deliver the same level of service to workers operating outside urban, suburban and rural areas.

The disparity between the internet infrastructure covering these different regions is significant, with some employees having access to high-speed internet with a lot of bandwidth and others suffering from all kinds of connectivity problems. And this is how Microsoft is working on a new feature for its ´Colaboration online Teams´ platform that will help ensure that the service works consistently, regardless of the user’s location.

Microsoft Teams is getting a very useful upgrade

According to the product roadmap, a new roaming bandwidth control will allow administrators to build tailored bandwidth policies, based on the geographic location of each Team user.

“This allows administrators to establish more limited bandwidth controls for when users travel to remote locations or with restricted bandwidth, and then relax the limitations when traveling to a location with greater bandwidth capacity,” explained the Microsoft.

With this new feature in Teams, however, administrators will have a simple method of ruling out potential performance problems, by marking bandwidth limitations up or down depending on the need. Initially, IT teams will have two definitions at their disposal: AllowIPVideo and MediaBitRateKb.

The first establishes whether the user’s video is enabled, while the user determines the media bitrate for sharing audio and video in meetings. Now the wording of the entry on this roadmap suggests that Microsoft intends to expand this range of options after the initial launch is complete. Another added feature is how to put background on teams.

Source: Techradar

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