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Microsoft stands by Epic Games against Apple

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Apple threatens the entire ecosystem of game developers in response to the Fortnite lawsuit, as Epic Games claimed in Deposit New to the court.

The deposit focuses on iOS support for the Unreal game engine, which Apple has threatened to cancel as part of the wider Epic Games loss of developer privileges.

The company, the developer of the game Fortnite, asked the court to prevent Apple from revoking this access while the case was ongoing, and Apple responded to the request, confirming that it applies the previously mentioned policies, but it did not deny that it put (iOS) support at risk.

(Epic Games) says: Removing the subsidies would be unnecessary punishment, and it would affect developers who built their games relying on the engine, who had nothing to do with the issue.

The filing states: The widening of Apple’s retaliation is in itself an unlawful effort to preserve its monopoly and pacify any action from others who might dare to oppose Apple.

The deposit came along Advertising New from Microsoft to support (Epic Games), confirming the catastrophic revocation of its access to Apple’s developer tools.

Any developer who uses the engine will not be able to correct the security flaws once access is revoked, which stops support for a wide range of games, including Microsoft’s Forza Street.

Kevin Gammell said (Kevin Gammill), General Manager of Game Developers Experiences for Xbox: Denying Epic Games access to Apple’s SDK and other development tools will prevent Epic Games from supporting the Unreal game engine on iOS and macOS, And it hurts the game engine and the game makers who have relied on it to build games.

“If the Unreal engine is not able to support games for the operating system (iOS) or (macOS), Microsoft will be required to choose between abandoning its current and potential customers on the platforms (iOS) and (macOS) or choosing a different game engine when preparing to develop games. New”.

Gammell explained that Microsoft has an enterprise-level license to use the Unreal engine, and Apple’s move hinders its ability to create games using technology for the Mac and iPhone devices.

(Epic Games) is seeking a court order to stop Apple terminating its developers’ accounts, and Apple said it would reverse its moves if the company re-submitted a version of Fortnite that complies with its payment rules.

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