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Microsoft promises Edge with “better performance” in Windows 10

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For the next release of Edge, scheduled for later this week, there is a promise that it will become a “best performing” browser available on Windows 10, Microsoft said on the sidelines of its Build 2021 event. version 91 contains new features, especially “startup and suspension guide” that will put you ahead of Chrome and all other browsers.

O startup boost was introduced in March and works “by running a basic set of Microsoft Edge processes in the background”, according to post. At the same time, it is not supposed to use any additional features when the Microsoft Edge browser windows are open. This feature increased the speeds of startup up to 41%, says the company.

In the next version, Microsoft will feature a “suspended tabs” feature that immediately puts ads on sleep when switching to another tab, allowing “instance resource savings”. This promises to increase browser performance and free up memory for other applications, as the ads can consume a lot of memory and processor.

Microsoft promises Edge with better performance in Windows 10

Microsoft switched to the Chromium browser engine in early 2020 and automatically uninstalled the old version of edgeHTML from Windows 10 last month. Since the move, Microsoft has said it has submitted 5,300 commitments to the Chromium project that benefit all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome itself.

In March, Google launched Chrome version 89 with a similar focus on both memory savings and loading speeds. Browsers are great resource eaters – with a quick check you can see that Chrome is using 4.5 GB of RAM with 25 tabs open. Hopefully, Microsoft and Google will continue to push each other to improve this situation.

Source: Engadget

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