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Microsoft plans to oust Google and Facebook in Europe

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The Australian government has proposed a new bill targeting Facebook and Google. This is where I accused them of using the content of the news platforms without paying them for it.

And Google from time to time shows notifications to users with some important news around the world. And Facebook does the same through its application. This news is taken directly from the news sites.

The Australian government claimed that this method makes the user able to view the news prepared and published by these platforms without the need to visit their sites, thus reducing visits and profits for these news platforms.

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The conflict between Australia and the tech giants

The new law aims to make Facebook and Google pay news platforms every time they quote news from them. Facebook responded violently to this law. It stopped covering Australian news entirely.

On the other hand, Google has preferred the dispute, as it officially stated that the news is annotated with the option “Read more”. When the reader clicks on it, he goes directly to the news source site.

Google was not satisfied with the objection, as it officially threatened that it would leave the Australian market entirely in the event of the application of this law. The aim was to intimidate the government, given that 95% of Australian citizens mainly use Google.

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Microsoft seizes the opportunity

Microsoft has a rival search engine to Google, Bing. As soon as Google threatened Australia in this way, Microsoft intervened and announced that it fully supported the Australian news law, although it was not targeting it in the first place.

And Microsoft found a great opportunity in these events. As the conflict between Google and the Australian government may result in the company leaving the country as it has threatened, or the withdrawal of Google from some sectors, or even strained relations.

This will open a wide field for Microsoft to acquire millions of new users from Australian citizens, especially for its search engine, which struggles globally in competition against Google despite providing accurate search results.

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Microsoft is targeting Europe too

Not only did Microsoft do what they did in Australia, they also encouraged European Union countries are also discussing the same law. The company has collaborated with the European Publishers Council and News Media Europe to publish the following statement:

“Publishers may not have enough economic power to negotiate fair and balanced deals with big tech companies. Which may push them to leave the market completely.”

Microsoft has greatly supported journalists and publishers since the beginning of this crisis, and of course the company has its reasons, but its steps may lead to major changes in the world of technology. And when Google threatened Australia, it thought that the government would reverse its decision, but the intervention of Microsoft changed a lot of the situation.

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