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Microsoft officially confirms the end of Windows 10X

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Confirmed Microsoft says Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Windows 10 for dual-screen devices, will not be released.

The new operating system was originally supposed to come alongside new dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo, with a simpler and lighter interface and features.

Microsoft then decided to prioritize Windows 10X for single-screen laptops instead.

At that point, Microsoft appeared to be directly targeting the Chrome OS and lower-end laptops.

The software giant has been trying to create a lighter version of Windows for more than 10 years without success, and Windows RT was first released alongside the original Surface tablet in 2012, and then Windows 10 S arrived in 2017, And both failed to simplify Windows.

Windows 10X is now officially out, and the company is now planning to introduce some Windows 10X features into the current Windows 10 operating system, such as the revamped touch keyboard.

Instead of bringing a product called Windows 10X to the market in 2021 as we originally intended, we are leveraging lessons learned from our journey so far and accelerating the integration of Windows 10X core technology into other parts of Windows, the company said.

She added: Some of this is reflected in the core of Windows in Windows Insider Preview releases, such as: the new application container technology we’re integrating into products like Microsoft Defender Application Guard, improved voice typing experience, and a modern touch keyboard with improved key size, sounds, colors, and animations. .

Microsoft goes on to say that it is looking at other areas in which Windows 10X technology can help its customers, as it continues to invest in areas where Windows 10X technology makes sense for both software and hardware in the future.

In a related development, the software giant said: It is now releasing the Windows 10 update for May, which provides stability and speed improvements to the Windows Defender Application Guard with better support for Windows Hello multiple cameras.

And the Windows Hello external camera is set to default, which is useful when using the laptop in Docked mode, and the company also takes a consistent approach to rolling out the update, so you may not be able to update your device for a few weeks.

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