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Microsoft may not allow Windows 11 updates on older PCs

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Microsoft today unveiled a change of plan for Windows 11, technically it will not abandon the millions of PCs that had spoken earlier, it seems now the user can manually install the Windows 11 ISO. The company has also extended its official CPU compatibility list for a group of Intel’s most expensive Xeon workstation processors and its most expensive line of Core X desktop CPUs.

Microsoft has informed you that if your computer will not meet the system requirements, you may not be entitled to Windows updates, even security updates. It appears that Microsoft will encourage millions of people to replace their PCs with the new Windows.

Most Windows computer owners probably won’t mind a compatibility-checking application but they’ll definitely just ask that Windows Update can bring it up automatically and for free, just as Windows 10 arrived from a free update when arrived in 2015.

Avoiding automatic updates for unsupported CPUs makes some sense as Microsoft doesn’t want to be blamed if something goes wrong with your Windows experience.

In fact, Microsoft made Windows look pretty bad at first, citing that it saw 52 percent more locks in kernel mode (aka the infamous BSOD) when testing its systems that didn’t meet its minimum spec.

While machines that met the minimum requirements had 99.8 percent good performance. This means that we are going from a 2 in 1,000 BSOD chance to a 3 in 1,000 chance. This additional amount of downtime might not be acceptable for a system administrator managing thousands of older computers, but it will likely be a different story for the average person who only buys a new PC every four or six years.

Source: theverge

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