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Microsoft may improve Surface Duo 2 folding mechanism

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Finally, we are reaching a point where the smartphones begin to gain stability both in terms of software as of construction. So far, no equipment that exists has yet managed to succeed in the market, but companies are betting heavily on these equipment and the technology applied to them, but we have some exceptions.

Apple, for example, has not yet released any folding equipment despite the huge rumors that are circulating. But of the existing models the Microsoft Surface Duo has been one of the ones that have attracted the most attention.

The equipment was first launched in the United States of America in September last year. But those that the Surface Duo have lived through have not been easy times, especially with the hinge mechanism that has equipped these devices.

However, it was last week that a patent registered by Microsoft revealed a reinforced and impact resistant system for the hinge mechanism of the probable Surface Duo 2. Thus everything seems to indicate that we will have a much more robust equipment for the daily use of a user. demanding, and that can finally give greater confidence to all those who are interested in Microsoft equipment.

Microsoft may improve Surface Duo 2 folding mechanism

The revolutionary 360-degree folding mechanism was what set the device apart from other competitors on the market and ended up making it so popular, despite needing some improvements. Microsoft has listened to customer complaints and is on the verge of improving (we hope) the weakest point of the original Microsoft Duo.

Having been launched mainly in the United States of America, it was recently made available in Canada and in some specific countries at European level. We therefore believe that with the arrival of the new model, more countries may have access to Microsoft Duo 2.

The original Duo ran a customized version of the Android system with some of the key applications customized to take advantage of the dual screen, such as Microsoft’s own applications, Spotify among others. However, here too, things have not gone as expected, with slowness, bugs, and some instability at the general level. So we are looking forward to what Microsoft will reveal to us for the next Microsoft Duo.

Source: Phone Arena

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