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Microsoft is excited about the Windows 11 event through a video clip

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Microsoft has returned to the thrill of Windows 11 once again. and in Video clip New via YouTube, the software giant posted 11 minutes of startup sounds from different versions of Windows.

Windows 95, Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems tones were slowed by 4,000 percent and tied together to form a comfortable experience for those very excited about the June 24 Windows event.

The scene in the video mainly relates to the hills and skies that Microsoft previously used as the inspiration for the default background for each respective operating system.

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And the video reads: Are you having trouble relaxing because you’re so excited about Microsoft’s June 24th event? so get up A slow memory trip with startup sounds running Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 systems slowed to a reflectively reduced speed of 4,000 percent.

This clip sounds like a hint of a new startup sound for Windows 11, or whatever the next version of Windows is.

Microsoft is looking forward to Windows 11:

Microsoft teased a new version of Windows recently, and offered a number of hints that the next generation of the operating system might be called Windows 11.

Among those hints, the event begins at 11 a.m. EDT. The event invitation also has a window that has a shadow with an outline very similar to the number 11.

Microsoft executives have been eager to announce the next generation of Windows for months. It is clear from this video that these teasers for the number 11 will continue in the coming weeks.

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Microsoft is expected to announce a new version of Windows with major changes to the user interface.

It seems that Microsoft chose the system startup sounds related to versions of Windows that have more significant interface fixes.

The company is working on something called Sun Valley, which it refers to as a comprehensive visual revamp of Windows.

And there will be many other changes, including some important ones in the Windows Store.

We should find out on June 24th if Microsoft is ready to use version number 11, or wants to call it Windows Sun Valley, or something else entirely.

Last month, Microsoft announced its plans to halt development of Windows 10X. It is the operating system that it announced in the fall of 2019.

According to the information, part of the reason is that Windows 10X does not seem to meet the user’s needs. So Microsoft shifted its focus to developing the Sun Valley visual update.

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