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Microsoft is changing the default Office font and wants to help you

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Microsoft is changing the default font for its Office suite next year andYou want Everyone can help choose the new default font.

And while there are more than 700 font options in Word, the company has chosen five new custom fonts for the Microsoft Office suite.

The software giant wants to move away from the Calibri font, which has been the default in Microsoft Office for nearly 15 years.

The five new Sans-serif lines feature a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and even German-inspired road and railway signs.

Microsoft has begun collecting feedback on these five new fonts, and plans to designate one of them as the new default Microsoft Office font in 2022.

TenoriteThe style is the most traditional of the five, and almost looks like a more modern version of the default Times New Roman font that’s been around for decades, with bold letters, clear punctuation, and making elements like large dots and punctuation comfortable Tenorite comfortable for reading in small sizes across the screen .

Skeena: This font is inspired by different periods of font design, and contains big differences in the thick and thin parts of its letters, along with very distinct curves on letters, such as: S, A, and J, and Skeena is ideal for basic text in long documents, as well as in sections The short cuts often found in presentations, brochures, tables, and reports.

Bierstadt: It is a precise and modern Sans-serif font inspired by the Swiss typography of the middle of the twentieth century, so that there are clearly cut ends, and Helvetica is the most famous example of this type of font, as it can be compared to Microsoft’s Arial font.

Seaford: It appears to be the familiar font from among the group, evoking classic old-fashioned text typefaces, and its organic and asymmetric shapes aid reading by emphasizing the differences between letters, thus creating more recognizable word shapes.

Grandview: And theThe most striking of all the new lines, and inspired by classic German road and railway signs, this font was designed to be highly legible, with some adjustments to make it more comfortable for long reading.

Microsoft is now releasing these five new fonts in Office 365 so that everyone can try them before choosing the new default font.

Polls and comments are seen as part of how Microsoft picked the winning streak, and the company would spend the next few months evaluating these new lines and figuring out which ones proved popular.

Once the decision is made, the new default font will appear in Microsoft Office applications in 2022.

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