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Microsoft improves shared calendars in Outlook

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At Microsoft’s Build 2021 Annual Conference, she spoke The software giant announces some upcoming updates to Outlook, the popular email solution.

Two new features are coming soon: First, Enterprise Explorer and second, Message Extensions for Outlook for the web.

Enterprise Explorer is a new built-in Outlook app coming this summer.

The app aims to help you find coworkers or teams with skills similar to yours so that you can collaborate together.

Microsoft says: This application comes at a time when companies are becoming more distributed, which makes this task difficult.

Using the app, you can visually search across your company to explore colleagues and teams and identify skills to help you complete your work.

The new Enterprise Explorer option is available to Office Insider subscribers in the Beta Channel running version 14101 or later.

Not everyone will see it right away, although Microsoft plans to slowly release it to more Internet experimenters over time.

The feature is available for non-experimenters once beta testing is complete.

Microsoft says: This is the biggest change to Outlook for Windows since its first release in 1997.

The company began working on the new experience in July 2019 and tens of thousands of users test it daily in preview.

Microsoft Outlook:

At the same time, message extensions in Outlook for the web are more of a developer feature with the goal of making your email process easier.

Developers should see a unified experience across both Microsoft Teams and Outlook across the web.

And for you, this means that when you want to compose a message, you see a new list of search-based plugins to choose from.

You might be able to compose an email message, and then use a message extension that pulls tasks from your Microsoft Teams applications, and then send them to your teammates.

The final change that you’re unlikely to notice directly in Outlook is a developer-centric change of teams.

Microsoft announced that developers can now create and use a single adaptive card across Microsoft Teams and Outlook with a single global business model.

This means that developers can share user interface data so that their experiences are more consistent across both Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

This is a change from the past, as developers had to create two separate integrations for the adaptive card. The applications should be more concise and compatible with each other.

Version 2021 is still in the works and is expected to come with additional announcements about Windows 10 and the rest of Microsoft 365.

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