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Microsoft “gives eyes” to Apple’s iMessage on Windows

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Following his company’s introduction of Windows 11, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke with Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal that revolved around the next generation of Windows and the possibility of Apple bringing some of its services, such as iMessage, for Windows.

One of the main themes of Windows 11 is its openness to third-party app markets and Microsoft’s ultimate goal of making the platform a hub of creativity outside the boundaries of its own Microsoft App Store.

Windows 11 will allow users to run Android apps, but it lacks integration with Windows and the iPhone. In that sense, Nadella says Microsoft “would love to make sure it works better,” referring to the iPhone and Windows.

Microsoft gives eyes to Apples iMessage on Windows

The CEO goes on to say that, like other companies, Apple can do whatever it wants on Windows, including bringing iMessage to the platform. iMessage has been a registered trademark of Apple devices, and although the Cupertino tech giant partially opened FaceTime for Android and Windows later this year, iMessage remains Apple’s exclusive product.

As part of the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, lawsuits including internal emails between top Apple executives revealed that, at one point, Apple had considered bringing iMessage to Android.

According to the emails, executives realized that bringing iMessage to a competing platform “would simply serve to remove [um] hurdle for iPhone families to give their kids Android phones.” While it doesn’t explicitly claim Windows, Apple bringing iMessage to its biggest computer competitor could be a business disadvantage.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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