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Microsoft Edge makes sharing webpages between devices easier

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Microsoft has been hinting at what Edge will be like when it’s introduced to the public, and it includes a useful feature for anyone using the browser on multiple devices.

By sharing guides, the user is able to start reading a web page on their computer and upload it to their laptop or smartphone. After an initial test of the feature in April, it is now available on some Windows and macOS devices, as noted by Windows Latest.

Once accessing the resource, the user will see a new laptop and smartphone icon in the address bar. Tapping this icon will display a list of devices where the user has installed Edge and logged into the same Microsoft account.

Microsoft Edge makes sharing webpages between devices easier

On Android and iOS, any link the user submits will appear in a prompt that the user can access via the notification panel. Meanwhile, on Windows, they will appear in the Action Center. Given the current circumstances surrounding the Edge, it appears that this feature is still under construction.

In order to take advantage of this on a mobile device, the user needs to install the canary version of Edge on their mobile phone, and it seems that Microsoft is making this available to Windows and macOS users, albeit in a slow way.

However, Microsoft is lagging behind when it comes to adding tab sharing to Edge. Both Chrome and Firefox have included a way to send tabs between devices since 2019. Safari has also included Apple’s iCloud Tabs feature for several years now.

Late or not, it’s still a valuable tool for a browser. If the user upgrades to the latest version of Edge and doesn’t come sharing guides right away, please be patient as it may take a few days for Microsoft to implement it more widely.

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