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Microsoft Edge browser will win a password generator

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Microsoft is preparing to release several security updates for the new version of its Edge browser, including a monitor and password generator. Version 88 of Microsoft Edge is already being distributed but, according to Microsoft, the password monitoring feature may still take some time to show real results.

For the average user, the lack of a complex password generator put Edge at a disadvantage compared to other browsers. Take the example of Chrome that has been offering this feature for over a year.

When using Chrome and signing up for a new site or service, the browser offers to generate a new and complex password and save it to a list in the browser itself for future use. Edge will do that too, but only in the desktop version.

To force the update, access the browser menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window, click on “Settings” and then on “About Edge”.

Microsoft Edge browser will win a password generator

Version 88 of Edge also brings other more discreet security improvements, such as the ability to manage the permissions of some devices (such as webcams and microphones) directly from the browser settings and independently for each site you use. Cookie management has also been improved, allowing you to separately store cookies that are passed through advertising-related cookie sites.

Finally, Microsoft added support for SecureDNS. According to Microsoft, SecureDNS uses an HTTPS connection to access DNS services, thus protecting communications from modifications or monitoring by any attackers. Edge will use this method automatically, if the DNS server allows it.

Edge must be used in conjunction with a Microsoft account and these new features only worked on Windows 7, 8 and 10 or MacOS (although the password generator does not work on the latter).

Source: Financial Express

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