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Microsoft didn’t lie, and Surface Laptop 4 is twice as fast

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Microsoft unveiled Surface Laptop 4 on Tuesday with some bold performance claims: Surface Laptop 4 is expected to outperform Surface Laptop 3 by 70% or more, or even double the performance in certain scenarios. The PCWorld team received a 15-inch variant of the Surface Laptop 4, with the eight-core Ryzen 7 4980U Surface Edition inside it.

The operation of the system reports it with a 2GHz chip, with increase speeds that (per CPU-Z service) do not seem to rise more than 4GHz. This story offers a peek only at the performance of the Surface Laptop 4 in a limited number of references, ahead of the full review. We can notice some small differences in the numbers that we eventually publish in the review, as is usually done with several cases from each reference to ensure accuracy. No battery life tests have been done yet.

You are also artificially limiting the scope of this performance preview to demonstrate how the Surface Laptop 4 compares to the multiple iterations of only the Surface Laptop 3 and other Microsoft devices. The Surface Laptop 4’s next review will include rival third-party notebooks to show how it stands against a broader field.

Microsoft didnt lie and Surface Laptop 4 is twice as

UL’s PCMark 10 measures everything from your laptop’s good performance in video chat, to word processing and spreadsheet work, photo editing and rendering, and even light games. In these day-to-day tasks, there is little generational difference: The laptop lands between 4% and 6% in front of the faster Surface Laptop 3. In the day-to-day work measured by PCMark, it seems that there is not much difference between Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Laptop 3.

Since CPU performance is so critical to the notebook’s daily performance, we tested it in two ways. Maxon’s Cinebench provides a simple, comparative metric for evaluating notebooks, desktops and individual processors. Here, Surface Laptop 4 offers just over twice (104 percent) the CPU performance of the Surface Laptop 3 faster.

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Remember how Microsoft claimed that Surface Laptop 4 can be twice as fast as Surface Laptop 3? The combination of more, faster cores makes this a reality. HandBrake, an open source utility, is our other CPU test, exposing the laptop to a prolonged load, processing a complete Hollywood movie, in full resolution in a format suitable to be stored on an Android tablet.

This process can take more than an hour with older hardware. How long can the Surface Laptop 4 work over an extended period? How well have Microsoft engineers designed the cooling solutions for the Surface Laptop 4, so that it doesn’t slow down to preserve stability? HandBrake tells us: very well!

Using HandBrake, Surface Laptop 4 completes the task in just half the time (49 percent) required from Surface Laptop 3. In the real-world handbrake test, Surface Laptop 4 delivers essentially twice the performance of its predecessor. In our performance tests, we use UL’s other benchmark, 3DMark, to assess graphics performance. The Surface Edition processor offers integrated graphics instead of a discrete GPU.

Surface Laptop 4 demonstrates a more modest 33% increase in graphics performance against the equally equipped Surface Laptop 3. (The benchmark ‘performed’ when running on Surface Laptop 1 and Surface Laptop 2, which is why the results are not shown for these models.) The 3DMark score was somewhat surprising. Intel’s integrated GPU continues to impress, leading us to believe that the Core 11th generation version of Surface Laptop 4 will be the fastest in graphics.

1618485404 919 Microsoft didnt lie and Surface Laptop 4 is twice as

These preliminary parameters drop some very positive tips about the latest power from the Microsoft Ryzen 7 4980U Surface Edition processor,
the Surface Laptop 4. Many questions remain unanswered, especially the important battery life. Nor has it been looked at closely either by the Surface Laptop 4, which speeds up your CPU or GPU under various loads. However, there is this strong indicator: twice as fast as the Surface Laptop 3. Twice as fast. In most benchmarks, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 is delivering on its promise.

We expected AMD’s Ryzen Zen 2 chips inside Surface Laptop 4 to dominate Surface Laptop 3. But why? Are you up to the fuss? Although the difference between the two generations of Surface Laptops narrows during daily activities, the first tests show the Surface Laptop 4 to win any CPU-intensive tasks for a mile. (If we were looking at Microsoft’s offer of a free pair of Surface Headphones for each Surface Laptop 4 pre-ordered on or before April 15th, this may provide some incentive!).

1618485405 18 Microsoft didnt lie and Surface Laptop 4 is twice as

Microsoft already has the new computers in pre-sale in Portugal in two versions: 13.5 inches and 15 inches. Inside you’ll have a choice of two microprocessors: either the 11th generation core chip (Tiger Lake) from Intel, or the Surface Edition, processor code signed by Microsoft and AMD, and based on AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs (Zen 2 architecture ). While Intel CPUs are off the shelf, Surface Edition processors are locking pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.

Source: PCWorld

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