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Microsoft bets strongly to convince you to leave Chrome

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Microsoft appears to be working on a set of much-needed updates for the PDF reader that comes with its main browser, Edge.

Earlier this year, the company announced a new search functionality for the Edge PDF reader. But now, new features discovered in early access builds have suggested additional changes that could make Edge the preferred browser for PDF users.

Updates should be released with a next iteration of Edge, which currently receives a fully stable build every four to five weeks, in addition to minor weekly updates.

Microsoft Edge update

Microsoft is testing a number of different PDF features, but perhaps the most welcome is a new feature that allows users to pick up where they left off.

Microsoft bets strongly to convince you to leave Chrome

Instead of manually scrolling through a PDF or browsing using CTRL + F searches, users will automatically return to the most recent page. This is not the only navigation update in progress, however.

The company is currently testing improvements that should eliminate visual flaws that occur when scrolling quickly through PDF documents, and a new optional sidebar will help users select a page based on thumbnail images.

Microsoft is also working on changes behind the scenes to address problems with text selection.

Historically, highlighting text in PDF documents has been somewhat complicated and the experience varies from document to document, but the new Edge enhancements are expected to offer greater smoothness and consistency.

Finally, Edge is ready to receive a new feature that allows the validation of signatures in PDF documents, which companies in particular will celebrate.

As it stands, only advanced PDF software – such as Adobe Acrobat – supports electronic signature functionality, but Microsoft Edge looks set to fill the gap.


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