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Microsoft Announces Update Windows 11 Build 22000.100 with Many New Features

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Windows 11 Build 22000.100 is now being released to users on the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider program. This is the fourth public preview of Windows 11 and comes with new improvements. However, there are no new features as the focus is on fixing design consistency issues.

If you are on the Dev Channel, you will see a new update called “Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.100) (KB5004300)”. In addition to the update, Microsoft has also released new Windows Defender updates, which are also being released in Windows 10.

Windows 11 KB5004300 comes with several improvements to the taskbar. For example, Microsoft is finally updating the System Tray flyout. As you probably know, the system tray includes a selection of icons that only appear when you click the expand button, which now features a modern interface.

In addition to visual improvements, Microsoft has also updated the default touch keyboard icon in the taskbar to match the size of other icons. Likewise, the Windows taskbar calendar flyout has been updated and will now collapse or collapse when you click the central notification button.

Microsoft Announces Update Windows 11 Build 22000100 with Many New

Build 22000.100 improves on the Windows 11 taskbar icon alert model, and Microsoft is exploring a new design for app notifications. This new design is visible when applications demand user attention. For example, if a file transfer requires your action, Explorer will automatically start flashing in the taskbar. However, the flash will be quiet and subtle and will eventually stop and a red backplate will appear in its place.

The Microsoft Store is also receiving a new update with quality improvements. For example, Microsoft has improved navigation of the new app Store in Windows 11. As a result, swiping will appear faster and new animations will appear when opening an app or movie list.

1627052846 683 Microsoft Announces Update Windows 11 Build 22000100 with Many New

The notification center, formerly known as the Action Center, is getting a new feature that allows quick access to wizard settings. You can also configure Focus Assist in Quick Settings or in the main settings application.

Here is a list of other improvements in version 22000.100 (KB5004300):

  • Microsoft has resolved an issue where Explorer.exe crashes when you click the date and time button on the taskbar. This issue has occurred on devices where the Focus Assist feature is disabled.
  • Microsoft is bringing back icons for some context menu entries.
  • A bug has been fixed where the taskbar clock loses Windows sync support and gets stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where explorer.exe could resume the device from standby mode
  • Now you can click on the taskbar to close Start or Search. This feature was missing from the original builds.

Microsoft Teams Chat Integration

Additionally, Microsoft is now enabling Teams integration into the Windows 11 taskbar, allowing users to connect with friends, family and colleagues for free. This new chat integration is based on Microsoft Teams 2.0.

This will allow users to start a chat directly from the taskbar. For now, you can send messages, images and more. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will allow users to start meetings directly from the taskbar for anyone globally across all platforms.

How to install Windows 11 KB5004300

To install Windows 11 KB5004300, use these steps:

  • If you’re already on Windows 11, open Settings and tap Windows Update.
  • Click the Check for Updates button to start the download.

1627052846 642 Microsoft Announces Update Windows 11 Build 22000100 with Many New

  • For those on Windows 10, need to open Settings > Updates and security > Windows Insider program and click on the join button.
  • During Windows Insider program setup, select “Dev Channel” and restart.
  • Check for updates and today’s update version will be offered automatically.
  • Of course, the update won’t show up if your device doesn’t pass the compatibility check, which requires a newer processor and TPM 2.0 with secure boot.

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