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Microsoft announces set of improvements for Teams ´Rooms´ on Android

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Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android is now receiving new functionality, making it difficult to keep up with all Teams updates across Windows, iOS and Android, as well as various integrations with Office 365 applications like PowerPoint.

Microsoft has announced a number of enhancements to its Teams ´Rooms´ on Android, including an updated calendar, Windows-inspired improvements to the Android touch console and the ability to blur funds for users to join from a personal account, has now announced Microsoft in a new blog post.

Thus, Microsoft promises a more “robust” calendar experience with Teams rooms on Android that allow users to see the current meeting, and with the possibility of future meetings as well.

Users of Android devices should be aware of a new touch experience on the remote console, which no longer wants to be physical via remote control. Rather, it will align the Android application with the behavior of Teams Rooms on Windows 10, but it is available depending on whether the Android tablet or the TV manufacturer supports it.

Microsoft announces set of improvements for Teams ´Rooms´ on Android

The application now features the most important meeting and call functionality in addition to current and future meetings. Users do not need the touch console, as it is an optional extra and ´Rooms´ on Android work without it. “However, once the touch console is paired, the controls at the front of the room will be hidden and the operation of the device will be available from the touch console,” notes Microsoft.

Funds out of focus to increase privacy during meetings have been in existence for a year, but are now reaching the market for people who are ‘subscribers’ with Teams Rooms on their personal Android account, and it is not yet possible to change the fund from Teams. In addition, Microsoft has added the ability to start and stop Microsoft Teams Rooms recordings on Android.

This can be found in the “Start recording” button in the ´Ellipsis´ menu. Android users should now also note that they can start a ´whiteboard´ session directly from their device from the new “Share” button on the whiteboard in the same menu.

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