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Microsoft already announces when the end of Windows 10 will be

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It was just over two weeks ago that Microsoft “turned” Windows inside out and when it was thought that Microsoft would keep the Windows 10 nomenclature, as it had indicated when the new version of the operating system was announced, it turns around and at first Build, Microsoft’s event for programmers, is announced the most important Windows update of the decade coming soon.

However, information about the operating system quickly began to roll out and it was realized that what was in the pipeline would be a completely new version, a Windows 11. It is still not certain which name will be chosen, but it will certainly be an evolution of the current version . And if there were any doubts, they were clarified by Microsoft itself, when announcing that Windows 10 support will end on October 14, 2025.

It was on the page of Windows support, through the site Thurrott, which is discovered that Windwos 10 will finish in 2025. Well that turns out not to be surprising, as it will mark just over 10 years since the operating system was introduced for the first time.

It’s not clear exactly when the support document was updated, but Thurrott reports that he’s only previously documented “when specific versions of Windows 10 would drop out of support,” and not the entire operating system. It could be another hint that a new version of Windows is on the way.

Microsoft already announces when the end of Windows 10 will

Microsoft has given many hints that it is ready to release Windows 11. The software maker will hold a special Windows event to unveil the “next generation” of the operating system next week. The event starts at 4pm in Portugal and 12pm in Brasília, on the 14th, and the event’s invitation includes a window that creates a shadow with an outline that looks like the number 11. Microsoft executives have also announced the “ next generation Windows” months ago, and one of them even described it as a “new version of Windows”. Microsoft also teased Windows 11 during an 11-minute video last week, featuring music from Windows’ various beginnings over the years.

We expect Microsoft to announce a new version of Windows with significant user interface changes and a Windows Store revision. Microsoft is working on something code-named “Sun Valley”, which the company referred to as a “comprehensive visual rejuvenation of Windows”.

Microsoft originally committed to 10 years of support for Windows 10, with an end date for original mainstream support set to October 13, 2020. The end of mainstream support has not yet begun as Microsoft has been introducing regular updates and extending Windows 10 active support.

We’re not yet in the Windows 10 extra support phase, which is the period when Microsoft doesn’t add new features to an operating system and simply maintains support with bug fixes and security patches.

Windows 10 has been an unusual release for Microsoft as it departed from its typical cadence of releasing a new version of the system every few years. Instead, Microsoft moved Windows to another service, updating it twice a year with new features. Microsoft may have described Windows 10 as “the latest version of Windows,” but it’s been nearly six years since its release and Microsoft looks ready to move onto something new.

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