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´Micro-Bus´da arrives in Europe next year

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The ´Micro-Bus´ ID.Buzz, a VW electric bus will arrive in the USA in 2023, while Europe will receive the EV next year, but VW is unlikely to launch the fully autonomous version in the USA. VW’s ID Buzz concept is an electric ´microbus´.

While Volkswagen is working to rebuild itself as an EV car manufacturer, a great way to avoid losing irreducible fans is to clean and refresh some of those old classics that won them over in the first place.

Although the company has triggered electrical reincarnations of the iconic VW bus before, the company’s latest microbus concept, ID Buzz, is the first to come out with a fully autonomous driving mode.

Micro Bus´da arrives in Europe next year

Volkswagen revealed when you can make the road in your electric Microbus, now with the VW Buzz ID Concept. The 2024 ID.Buzz will be available in the U.S. in 2023, a year before the vehicle was on sale for the first time in Europe, VW told Car and Driver.

The car manufacturer will offer more versions of the EV in Europe than in North America, namely passenger and commercial variants with short and long axle variants in the base options. US buyers can only capture ID.Buzz in a long-distance passenger format.

Eventually, there will be a fully autonomous version of the commercial ID.Buzz in Europe. It will be the VW Group’s first fully autonomous vehicle. However, this variant is unlikely to debut in the US either.

The entry ID.Buzz will likely be a rear-wheel drive model with approximately 200 horsepower, according to Car and Driver. Later in the launch time, VW will offer an all-wheel drive version with up to 300hp. At least in Europe, VW maintains its original timeline for ID.Buzz.

He said in 2017 that he had a launch window for 2022. It will not
to be fulfilling that timing in the USA, unfortunately, but at least the company has given some clarity about when it will debut.

Source: Engadget

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