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Mercedes unveils the EQS luxury electric vehicle

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Months after the release of information and teasers, Revealed Mercedes fully unveils the EQS, its largest and most luxurious electric car to date.

The Mercedes EQS is the battery-operated equivalent of the Mercedes S-Class, the brand’s flagship model.

And last month, the German carmaker unveiled the interior of the EQS along with the myriad of features and technology inside the vehicle.

The company said: “The EQS is Mercedes’ first fully electric saloon, and with it the company is redefining this automotive segment.”

“The EQS is the first model to build on the modular architecture of luxury electric cars, and by integrating technology, design, functionality and connectivity, the vehicle is pleasing to both drivers and passengers,” she added.

The automaker also confirmed the production specifications for the electric sedan, as it is equipped with a massive 107.8 kW battery pack and offers a range of 770 km.

The car is available in two versions when it comes to the drive system, as there is a rear-wheel drive engine with 329 hp and 245 kW + EQS 450, 516 HP and 385 kW all-wheel drive EQS 580.

And when it arrives at dealerships in the fall of 2021, the EQS will be the first long-range electric vehicle from Mercedes available for purchase in the United States, outperforming the EQC SUV, which has been postponed indefinitely.

It is also the first of nine other electric cars that the automaker plans to launch by 2022.

Features include automatic front and rear doors, a 56-inch Hyperscreen with the company’s MBUX infotainment system, and an augmented reality screen through the windshield.

The door handles extend automatically as the driver approaches, the doors open when the driver approaches, the door can also close itself when the driver presses the brakes, and the driver can also operate the passenger doors to allow others to get in and out of the car.

Mercedes designers are proud that the new design helped make the EQS the most aerodynamically efficient passenger car produced by the factory in the world.

To help it flow through the air more smoothly, the car automatically decelerates when the speed exceeds 120 kilometers per hour, and declines when the speed exceeds 160 kilometers per hour.

The EQS includes a special Power Nap software to help drivers get a good night’s sleep while laying down.

The program automatically tilts the driver’s seat to a comfortable position, closes the windows and the sunshade through the glass roof, and adjusts interior lighting and temperature to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The program plays relaxing sounds and displays on the dashboard screen images of the night sky studded with stars, after a while the car begins a wake-up routine that includes invigorating scents and gentle massages, and the seat back rises and opens the sunshade through the glass roof.

EQS offers a four-wheel steering system, a feature also available on the S-Class, in which the rear wheels turn slightly in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds, giving the vehicle the ability to roll in a much smaller area than it would otherwise.

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