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Mercedes-Benz EQS interior mixes luxury and high technology

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There are screens everywhere and a choice of soundscapes when you get in the car, and with Hyperscreen, you get the instrument panel, the instrument cluster, the center infotainment system and the passenger screen, all below a large sheet of glass.

The technology uses an anti-reflective glass OLED panel and automatically adjusts the brightness to reduce nighttime distractions. Passenger consoles and centers offer haptic feedback, and with an eight-core CPU and 24GB of RAM, it must also be quite responsive.

Mercedes showed two different looks to the cabin, one with the look of normal daylight and one at night. The latter has a futuristic blue glow, similar to a spaceship from the cabin screens and RGB lighting.

That’s how, while we wait for Mercedes-Benz to unveil its 2022 EQS luxury EV sedan on April 15th, the brand gave us the first detailed look at the interior. As we recently learned, the EQS will feature a panel-wide infotainment screen (called Hyperscreen) or a more minimalist alternative, along with the kind of luxurious interior touches you’d expect from the German car manufacturer.

Mercedes Benz EQS interior mixes luxury and high technologyMercedes-Benz’s EQS interior is a blend of luxury and high-tech Mercedes-Benz. If all of this is a little exaggerated, Mercedes also offers a minimalist and toned cabin with a driver screen and a floating infotainment system. Then you can choose to cover the passenger side of the panel with wood, metal or other materials.

Other unique interior features include a private high efficiency air filter (HEPA) that filters outside air entering the cabin. It also has an active fragrance feature as part of the Air-Balance package, including a fragrance called No.6 Mood Linen, and you can also choose a soundscape to play when you get in the car, including “Forest Glade”, “Sounds of the Sea ”and“ Summer Rain ”.

The interior also features luxury materials such as nubuck leather and natural grain wood. Mercedes-Benz is following your typical luxury marketing book with all these features and chic terms, so you can wait and see premium prices too. The automaker has yet to show an undisclosed look at the exterior of the EQF, but it will be fully revealed on April 15.

1617264809 14 Mercedes Benz EQS interior mixes luxury and high technologySource: Engadget

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