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McLaren F1 backstage man shows off his car collection

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There is much to be seen in the car collection of the man behind McLaren F1, following the debut of the T50 supercar, many of our readers noted with exaltation that Gordon Murray basically created the McLaren F1 of the 2020s, says the author of the article. Your supercar is light, fast, powerful, and keeps things basic. It even has the same seat layout as the legendary F1.

It is probably safe to say that Murray is virtually obsessed with light sports cars, and his personal collection more than proves it. The latest Top Gear video takes a look at the incredible collection of the father of F1, and the hour-long footage goes through a number of very interesting topics and vehicles. It starts with Murray explaining the purpose and general concept behind the location where the video is shot.

So the South African born British designer talks more about the T.50s – the track-only version of his naturally aspirated supercar, which he describes as “the best track experience to date. The author of the article says that he has not yet had the opportunity to stay behind the wheels of the “beast on the track”.

There are several cars from your collection featured in the video, and the heaviest among them is the Mercedes-Benz SLR at around 3,527 pounds (1,600 kilograms). This is very heavy in the world of light sports cars, but Murray says that almost three-quarters of his cars weigh under 1,765 pounds (800 kg).

Murray then talks about the early days of his career and how he designed his first sports car when he was 19 years old. At the time, money was his biggest problem and he somehow managed to build the entire car for only $ 275. The video also shows the original instruments with which Murray designed the McLaren F1 and many of the Formula 1 cars, since the Brabham, and much more.

Source: Engine1

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