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Maxima Kitchen has some of the best products for your establishment

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We found that more and more, people are looking for speed when they go to any commercial space, this is intensified in the restaurant, where they are looking for quick confections with the best quality possible. That said, restaurants and other catering establishments seek to optimize the cooking processes through the profitability of kitchen utensils, employees and even cooking procedures and processes.

Maxima Kitchen’s products can solve some of these problems, given their characteristics that offer the possibility of using utensils (used in more sophisticated restaurants) to reduce unnecessary wasted time. As an example: in your establishment you have to make elements, but they have to be in the nick of time due to the loss of quality (over time).

What if instead of having to cook at the moment, choose something that can maintain the temperature of your dishes without losing quality? O “Water bath”From Maxima Kitchen allows you to solve these problems. On the one hand, you lose less time, lessen your “stress” and maintain a quality standard that you consider to be excellent that will make your customers continue to enjoy your services without being concerned about long waiting periods, for example, in the case of large groups of people.

Maxima Kitchen has some of the best products for your

Complex menu? This does not necessarily have to be a problem. Sometimes it is even the lack of the right tools for the task. The combined oven opens up a wide range of possibilities for many kitchens, where instruments are used incorrectly. Between steam, hot air, the two together and also the maintenance of the heat of the food or meals (similar to what we see in the “Bath”).

The range of combined ovens Maxima Kitchen is quite extensive, adapting to the needs of each space and each company. Whether vertical or horizontal, there are plenty of options in the different offers available. Among the other options (starting at the lowest range), the option allows you to cook foods that originally needed boiling water, such as rice, legumes, eggs and greens, or would be prepared in a double boiler, such as puddings, using hot steam. , for example.

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Preparing au gratin or fried foods can be done through hot air and depending on the model you can cook the most diverse dishes. It is from these conditions that the premises for success in your kitchen are met. In addition, some of these devices save much more electricity and have a much longer life. Of course, we all know that the more technology, the greater the complexity and small expenses, but in the general context, it will be cheaper.

Tools like these allow you to speed up some processes inside your kitchen, however, of course, there is no need for good planning. But if you consider some of these solutions you will notice the difference. From the “bain-marie” to the “combined oven”, they are complementary to each other and even to others of their utensils, but allow to reduce time and expenses of other tools.

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