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Mass Effect Legendary Edition sold even better than EA expected

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BioWare has already said it’s in development for a new Mass Effect game, and early hints are that it will follow the original trilogy somewhat, rather than Andromeda — although there may also be Andromeda elements in there as well.

Liara is confirmed to be back, and given the response to the Legendary Edition, I wouldn’t be surprised to see EA ‘lean’ even more and heavily back to the glory days, says the article’s author. BioWare killed Shepard, and brought him back ‘from the dead’ again after all – there’s no reason they can’t find a way to do it again.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the remastering of the original trilogy “rekindled fan passion.” It’s fair to say, without diving too deep into the warm, calming waters of hyperbole, that Mass Effect: Andromeda has done serious damage to one of BioWare’s biggest and most popular game series. Developer BioWare Montreal transitioned to an EA support studio just a few months after Andromeda’s release (before it was completely erased), and not long after that, plans to continue the story in the single-player DLC were also abandoned. . This was a notable failure for one of the most anticipated games of the year.


Electronic Arts and BioWare spent the next two years assuring fans they wouldn’t give up on the series, and in late 2020 they finally stumbled across the goods (or at least a commitment to the goods) when they announced Mass Efect: Legendary Edition, a remastering of the original trilogy released in May 2021. Started with technical issues, but quickly improved thanks to bug fixes and balance changes, and now has a “very positive” Steam rating from over 15,000 user reviews – the last 1,700+ of which were “extremely positive”.

Sales were also very good – even better than EA had actually expected. In an investor communication yesterday, CEO Andrew Wilson attributed the “superior performance” of Mass Effect Legendary Edition (along with the surprising success of co-op’It Takes Two) to offering the company a great recent quarter, and came back to commit to an additional investment to the series.

“There is lasting power for the franchises and for the IP that we are building,” Wilson said. “The release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastering of the first 3 Mass Effect games, has rekindled the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations. ” he said further.

Source: PCGamer

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