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Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy gets a new epic trailer

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Sony once again held another Showcase of the new PlayStation 5 to reveal to the public more news about long-awaited titles for its platform, some exclusive and some not, to show the entire community that, despite a huge silence, the Japanese giant is working hard to deliver beautiful and breathtaking titles to everyone.

One company that has been working closely with the Japanese giant to deliver titles that match the description above has been the famous Square Enix which takes advantage of the latest Sony event to reveal more news about one of its upcoming big titles, Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy.

The new trailer presented below is very much focused on the narrative of the future title, deepening it, and also shows countless moments of gameplay that looks stunning and simply magnificent and breathtaking and, when you put this together with the game’s graphics, it just seems a masterpiece.

The title will set twelve years after the Galactic War, an epic conflict across the cosmos. The Guardians of the Galaxy were brought together by Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, to earn a fortune as heroes for hire throughout the universe in order to live epic adventures.

The heroes will face an organization called the Universal Church of Truth, which seeks believers throughout the galaxy with the promise of bringing them back all that they lost during the painful and destructive Galactic War, a war that left many people in misery.


During the adventure, the guardians will have the opportunity to meet Cosmo, a super powerful telepathic dog who is Luganenhum’s head of security, and he will help Peter Quill and his team throughout the game, as he sees in the Universal Church of Truth a huge threat to your region and to the entire galaxy.

In the trailer we can also see that Star Lord’s elemental pistols can transform according to the needs of each player, it is a powerful weapon that is intertwined with Peter Quill’s DNA and that can provide a huge range of possibilities during the game.


Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy looks more and more amazing and impressive and is in fact the studio’s redemption attempt after the failure of Marvel’s Avengers and it really looks like the team is focused on delivering a good game to the players this time, in order to lose 60 million dollars again.

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