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Major social network may have tried to buy ClubHouse

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ClubHouse is the social network of the moment and has been in great focus lately, with a great increase of interest on the part of the users, not only for its exclusive format in several ways, but also for being different.

For starters, ClubHouse is a social network that works only through audio and a factor that works very well in helping to boost the social network: exclusivity. For now it is still only available for iOS and it is also only possible to access by invitation, which are limited by user.

The social network was already growing, but the entry of Tesla’s CEO in a podcast and his reference on Twitter came to help, even more, the impulse and demand for this new social network, so much so that the various competitors in this segment are already looking for solutions in this area. But, as is often the case, there has already been a large social network in negotiations for the acquisition of ClubHouse for values ​​of around four billion dollars.

Major social network may have tried to buy ClubHouse

Twitter talked to Clubhouse about a possible acquisition of the live audio network platform, with a business value of around $ 4 billion, according to the agency Bloomberg.

Although negotiations have taken place in recent months, they will already be suspended, although the reason for this has not been known. It is also worth noting that a few days ago, Bloomberg indicated that the Clubhouse was trying to start a new round of financing at an appraisal of around $ 4 billion.

This recent information from Bloomberg points out that the failure of the business between both companies meant that ClubHouse needed to look for another form of investment and, therefore, the purchase negotiations by Twitter took place before this start of search for financing.

Twitter has its own product similar to Clubhouse – Spaces, an audio chat feature that has been gradually rolled out to some users over the past few months and appears to be one of the social media responses to news in this area. This is already usual, as we can see Reels or similar on Facebook and Instagram, in response to Tiktok.

Clubhouse has just launched the first of its monetization efforts, Clubhouse Payments, which allows users to send direct payments to other creators of the platform, as long as that user allows to receive those payments, and the curiosity is that, in turn, , ClubHouse will not receive anything as it does not charge any commission.

The only commission charged is made by Stripe, the payment provider chosen by ClubHouse, but otherwise the user will receive the full amount. Therefore, we can say that it is a “strange” monetization measure.

In addition, regardless of whether this information is true or not, the truth is that it is known at the perfect time, as it is publicly known shortly before ClubHouse starts looking for new investments.

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