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MacBook: reintroduction of ports may dictate a return to the past

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The next generation of MacBooks promises to be (like almost all Apple ads) “revolutionary”. However, the revolution, this time, may result in a return to the past, at least if the latest rumors are confirmed.

After eliminating most ports on the MacBook Pro in 2016 and on the MacBook Air, from the 2018 version, (not to mention the 2015 12-inch version, meanwhile discontinued, with a single USB-C port ) Apple may step back and re-introduce more ports in models to be introduced in the second half of 2021 or possibly in 2022.

The current Apple notebooks, with M1 processor, are equipped with two or more USB-C / Thunderbolt ports, any of which can be used simultaneously for charging. However, according to the latest rumors, Apple may introduce an SD reader in future models of the Pro range (abolished since 2016), and still return to Magsafe charging system. It should be noted that these new notebooks promise a change in design.

MacBook reintroduction of ports may dictate a return to the

But to what extent is the reintroduction of doors synonymous with progress? The brands that sell peripherals for Apple have also adapted and today we see more and more devices with USB-C inputs, including monitors, that avoid connections to secondary equipment. On the other hand, the technology tends to be increasingly wireless, with fewer cables and wires. The result of this is the bet, increasingly, by Apple, on technologies such as Airdrop and Airplay, for example.

Even cameras, from the amateur to the most professional, have wireless file transfer systems that prevent cable connections.

Increasingly wireless technology

The trend of the Cupertino brand in recent years has been to eliminate entries (considered unnecessary) on various devices, at the expense of wireless connections, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is visible on iPhone models from the eighth generation, as well as on the latest Air and Pro notebooks. This strategy is in line with the launch of products such as Airpods, which do not require any wires.

The truth is that this decision, although controversial, motivated the growth of the market for dongles, or adapters, to the satisfaction of traders who gravitate towards the models of the “apple brand”. The elimination of ports was even followed by some competing brands, hitchhiking the “revolutionary” USB-C, which confirms that Apple’s strategy was right.

It remains to be seen how the new notebook models will look. What seems certain is the decrease in bezels (or borders), which will allow us to place a larger screen (14 inches instead of the usual 13, for example) in the size we already know. It is also expected to improve the front camera, with 720p resolution and extremely poor quality, which is increasingly used in video calls.

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