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Lucid Motors reveals all the technology, and Amazon Alexa will be the main voice assistant

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All of this technology intended by the brand within its all-electric Air sedan is intended to mark the company’s Lucid User Experience, or Lucid UX, to include all the technology that customers might want in a vehicle priced between $80,000 (About 65,580 €) and $169,000 (about €138,550) without adding clutter and confusion.

“We really try to follow a strong principle of ease of use and a short learning curve, so that we have quick responses and an overall sense of elegance,” said Derek Jenkins, Lucid’s head of design in a recent interview. “I kind of wanted to stop being overly technical or scientific looking and really move towards something that is more suited to the brand and our design spirit.”

The interior is not as rigid as a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y, nor as well-stocked as some of the German luxury vehicles. “At the beginning of the project, I would always tell the team, ‘Listen, I want my mom to be able to find out and get into this car for the first time,’” said Jenkins.

“She should be able to instinctively know, probably the light switch and the door locks will be on the left side because that’s where they always are and they don’t need to look for those things. Or that the weather controls are probably on the bottom console, because that’s where it usually is and has always been. I just felt I should have intuition and a degree of simplicity, yet still have impressive features and a system that can still grow. ”

Lucid Motors reveals all the technology and Amazon Alexa willEight months after Lucid Motors unveiled the final version of its all-electric Air sedan, the company finally unveiled the technology in the cabin – from the 34-inch curved screen to the second touchscreen, and the underlying software, integrated apps and assistant voice Amazon Alexa – which drivers and passengers will use as soon as the brand starts delivering the vehicle in the second half of the year.

The 34-inch 5K curved display floats slightly above the dashboard and is the most visible hardware on the vehicle, though it’s not the only component worth mentioning. In fact, there are three separate monitors, and housed in a single plate of glass, a technique that Mercedes-Benz used in its 56-inch hyperscreen. On the far left is a touchscreen where Lucid has positioned the most important, or essential, vehicle controls, such as window defrosters, and lighting settings.

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The middle screen is the instrument panel, where the driver will see the speed and remaining battery range. The right side of the dashboard is a widget that can display a variety of information depending on the user, including navigation or what song is playing.

The instrument panel is also where the driver will see if the advanced driver assistance system is activated. To the right of the steering wheel is another touchscreen that Lucid is calling the home screen. This is where navigation, media and communications will be located. Continuing down and into the center console area is another curved screen that Lucid dubbed the “pilot panel”, which displays climate controls and seat functions, including a massage feature, along with all of the vehicle’s other settings.

The driver or passenger can slide menus from the home screen to the pilot panel to display detailed music or navigation controls. And if the driver doesn’t want that extra touchscreen, the pilot’s panel can be retracted, opening up access to a storage space behind it.

It’s also worth noting that the analog switches are still inside the vehicle in three areas: the doors, the steering wheel and a space between the dashboard and the upper home screen. Beside the doors, the driver or passengers will find the window switches and internal door brakes. Just above the center console display are four physical buttons that allow the driver or passenger to control the weather temperature and fan speed.

On the steering wheel there is a touch bar and two toggle buttons. These buttons can be used ​​to start Alexa voice assistant and turn on and off advanced driver assistance functions, as well as adjust the distance to follow in cruise control and volume. “We did a lot of research from these discussions about analog interaction, like physical buttons and digital interaction on a touchscreen,” said Jenkins. “What we found was that there were some important features that people still want to interact with”

1622367062 35 Lucid Motors reveals all the technology and Amazon Alexa will

The vehicle is also loaded with 32 sensors, including one for interacting, which is located just below the nose blade on the vehicle’s exterior. Below that is a lower air intake and then a forward facing radar. Other radar sensors are located at the outer corners. There are external cameras, too, on the nose and on the roof.

Source: Techcrunch

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