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Looking for the best 2D and 3D design software? AutoCAD and Revit are the solution

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O computer aided design or, in Portuguese, computer aided design it has grown in almost all productive and manufacturing industries, revolutionizing the way a product is licensed. From the creation of clothing to architectural design, which allows the minds behind these branches to create more complex projects with the help of artificial intelligence and tools that allow them to visualize projects in 3D or 2D in greater detail.

This type of software allows both small and large companies to manage complex networks of planning and creating three-dimensional projects. Some of the difficulties of small companies are joining the market in the face of high costs, however, CAD systems can offer an opportunity to reduce costs and allow both the engineer, the architect and the master to know concretely all the details of the project , eliminating the margin of error by almost 100%.

Supported by Cadac, AutoCAD and Revit are two solutions to solve these problems. On the one hand, the Revit which allows you to work with BIM files and models directly in a 3D modeling editor, always assisted by specialized consultants who work directly with Cadac ready to assist you in your needs. O AutoCAD it is a solution focused not only on 3D modeling but also 2D modeling and is perhaps one of the well-known tools within architectural development.

Looking for the best 2D and 3D design software AutoCAD

AutoCAD – for engineers, architects and construction professionals

As announced by Cadac Group, the AutoCAD is “number one CAD software from Autodesk” software for creating engineering and entertainment projects. The objective, in large part, is to simplify communication within the team in order to eliminate waste of time. These consultants offer the necessary help to several companies when it comes to working with this fantastic tool.

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These solutions offer a very high and extended personalization for you and your employees, since, with some of the most knowledgeable consultants in the 3D projection segment using computer-aided design. It’s because? Although it seems simple to anyone who is already used to working with 3D models on paper or designed exclusively by an architect, or engineer, this type of tools with several options can be a complicated task to work without specialized training.

Lately, the program has included new tools and options like uploading to Autodesk Docs or Drive. With the “Push to Autodesk” documents, teams can view digital PDFs on the reference site. Users can connect to files stored on Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Drive (or other cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox). CAD project managers can rely on the AutoCAD web application, they can now load drawing templates and other support files to create DWG files that meet the best design standards for their company.

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Autodesk’s “Trace” functionality allows you and your employees to choose to keep DWG files without changing the original. When you open the bookings, you will be able to see the feedback within the scope of the original DWG and incorporate it if necessary, allowing collaboration across multiple platforms. In addition to this, the new AutoCAD also includes a count of all objects used in the design of your project so that you never lose track of what you are doing.

To make the tool easier to use, know that you can now have floating windows so that you can easily move certain workspaces to your liking, without compromising the main workspace of the project.

Revit – a platform for creating and documenting projects

Probably lesser known than AutoCAD, the platform Revit offers extensive project management focused on 3D modeling, however, this CAD tool is part of Autodesk. As Cadac says, there are two of these companies that have the support of consultants for the development of their own Revit libraries with BIM building blocks, VSH Fittings and Philips Lighting.

This software was developed for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and allows you to design buildings, constructions and installations in 3D when properly implemented in your organization. As unique in its kind, Revit allows you to create projects faster, simpler, more detailed and at lower prices. Each member of your team will be able to introduce and keep abreast of any changes in a single central 3D model.

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1621950616 921 Looking for the best 2D and 3D design software AutoCAD

The great advantage of this program is that it concentrates everything in a single file that operates with several small programs within the file. Similar to what happened with AutoCAD, Revit also has all the necessary support so that in your company you can design and develop large projects with great quality and with the support of Cadac Group’s specialized consultants.

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