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Looking for sound quality at a low price? Discover these promotions

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A few years ago, getting products with good sound quality cost a good dozen, or hundreds of euros, and I’m not even talking about the best products, just average equipment. Fortunately, technology has evolved and, nowadays, we find quality products at excellent prices. We still don’t compare them to top products, but they are products with enough quality for most users who just want to listen to good music.

In addition to a variety of quality products and brands, price is also an important factor and, fortunately, the improvement in the natural quality of products came with a price reduction and, today, it is already possible to find products for all budgets . Therefore, here are three suggestions that may be of interest, for products with good quality, located in European warehouses and, in this way, you do not have to wait several weeks for it to arrive, nor “pray” that there are no surprise fees.

Bluedio V2 Victory

The TWS (True Wireless Stereo) wireless headphones category is almost a must when you are looking for a quality product and, luckily, the price is no longer exorbitant. The Bluedio V2 Victory is the latest model from the Chinese company and guarantees what it proposes, offering good stereo fidelity at a fair price.

Looking for sound quality at a low price Discover these

Main features:

  • Pole Resonate Electronic Acoustics Technology – Supported by three main PPS 12 / TRT / VFT technicians, to reproduce the rich and delicate sound effects, control the dynamic details.
  • Clear Dynamics – Capture details clearly and completely, strong scene-like feelings, giving you a cinema-level sound effect experience.
  • Physical location is clear and precise, audio positioning – entering the game world, you can position things by listening to the voice; give you a complete sense of immersion and accomplishment.
  • The brand new Bluetooth – the new version of Bluetooth 5.0 integrates three main techniques, bringing fast connections without delay, making you enjoy more music, movie and television, as well as the game world.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear sponge – The main beam can be stretched by a large margin. Ear protectors are made of soft sponges. They are more comfortable to wear without pinching the ears after a long period of use.

You Bluedio V2 Victory are on sale for €63.17 and if you use the coupon “V2C3WII” you still get a better price.

Bluedio T7 Plus

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The Bluedio T7+ combines the best of the old and the new world. They have wired mode, which means you can still go back to using your good old wired headset to listen to your music. You will have no problems with the battery as there is no need to charge the battery in this mode.

In wireless mode, the headphones resort to using Bluetooth audio to play music. In this mode, headphones must be paired with your phone, tablet or PC through the pairing process.

Main features:

  • Active noise reduction: You can choose strong noise reduction (4 mics, -25 decibels) or weak noise reduction (2 mics, 18 decibels) according to your needs, allowing you to do not hear noise in subways, buses and planes.
  • TF Card Play Support: Even without a phone, you can also listen to music anytime.
  • Step count function, Born for Sports – You can check the sync update data showing your walks, calorie consumption and so on through the app.
  • The latest face recognition technology to control pause / playback – dual 57mm wide aperture drivers and Bluetooth 5.0 provide faster transmission speed, lower latency and better audio output. VFT Vector Flow technology has low tone compensation, bringing deep, powerful bass.
  • Strong Bluedio App – decreases Bluetooth power consumption and increases its durability; three modes comprehensively protect users of all ages.
  • Amazon Web Services Support
  • Large speaker for clear sound
  • Soft anti-ear cushion design
  • 30 hour battery

You Bluedio T7 Plus are on sale for €39.06, and we also have a coupon “6C4568” that will allow you to purchase at a better price.

Bluedio MS Portable

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A portable speaker always comes in handy and this is a great offer, coupled with a great design.

  • Mobile Soundbar MS – Soundbar specially designed for mobile, gives you the exclusive joy of watching games anytime, anywhere and lets you enjoy wonderful sound.
  • The newest delay-free magnetic induction experience – unlike many latency wireless devices, it uses magnetic induction.
  • You can experience sound from mobile products like the TV Sound Blaster – The equipped 52mm speaker makes the sound more powerful while amplifying the sound, much better than the phone speaker.
  • Approximately 6 hours playtime – with a 650mAh capacity battery installed, the strong durability offers more enjoyment.
  • Multi-Occasion Use – The installed lithium battery is convenient for free use indoors or outdoors. This applies to a variety of occasions.

O Bluedio MS Portable can be purchased for €24.06 and don’t forget to use coupon “MSC3WII” for a better price.

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Do you want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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