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Looking for an android smartwatch? Discover Kospet Optimus 2

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In a bet focused on sports, kospet announced a Smartwatch with high performance android, the Kospet Optimus 2. The Kospet Optimus 2 comes with a Helio p22 Octa-core processor with 2GHz and an incredible 13 MP rotating camera with flash. You can take advantage of the “333OPTIMUS2” coupon and take advantage of a promotional price of €150 on Kospet’s official website.

<<< Use the coupon “333OPTIMUS2” and enjoy the promotional price >>>

Kospet Optimus 2 brings more high performance features to users, with a 1260mAh battery for longer use, uses Helio p22 Octa-core processor with 2GHz, 4GB + 64GB memory, 13MP swivel camera with flash , and a fabulous price that is certainly worth taking if you are looking for equipment with these specifications.

With an excellent processor it is responsible for data processing of the Android system, the PixArt PAR2822 is used for sports data acquisition and Bluetooth connections.

The Optimus 2 is equipped with a high-performance 13MP camera that is equipped with the Sony IMX214 graphics sensor, which can record 1080P 30fps video. Meets the needs of taking photos or videos in environments with less light thanks to its flash, allowing you to capture beautiful photos at any time of day and anywhere in the world.

<<< Use the coupon “333OPTIMUS2” and enjoy the promotional price >>>

With its camera located on the top of the watch, it allows it to rotate 90 degrees, it can be used easily as a front camera to take selfies or make video calls, which is by far the best solution for shooting on smart watches, being slider and still counts with flash, with 13MP being often found on smartphones, which demonstrates that this offer on a smartwatch is very interesting.

Equipped with the latest Android 10.7 operating system, Optimus 2 supports a complete set of Google apps, being very similar in use to smartphones. In addition to Android, there is also the option of a Lite Mode, which allows you to increase battery life and usage and allows, for example, to reply to SMS during exercise.

As a high-end chip owned by MTK, Helio P22 MT6762 adopts an advanced 12nm manufacturing process, with 8 integrated A53 cores and IMG8320 GPU, which is currently the strongest chip used in smart watches.

Looking for an android smartwatch Discover Kospet Optimus 2

Major upgrades to the processor, system, battery capacity, Bluetooth chip and other aspects have greatly improved battery life. The average usage time of 4G mode can reach about 2 days, and the battery life of 4G lite mode can reach 3-5 days.

Optimus 2 has a built-in 1260mAh lithium polymer battery, the user can also choose a 1000mAh power base, which is convenient for the user to recharge their watch anytime when they want to go out.

With a beautiful built-in VC32S heart rate sensor, it is prepared to test users’ heart rate but also support blood oxygen testing, making exercises safer and easier for the user to control.

With 31 integrated sports, including indoor and outdoor fitness, ball games, running and other types of sports, the Optimus 2 can meet all your everyday sports needs.

1627057991 717 Looking for an android smartwatch Discover Kospet Optimus 2

This model despite being waterproof has to pay attention to the camera, as it has a flip function that is not waterproof. You can always use it when washing your hands daily or even in a light rain, what is not recommended is that it be used for bathing, sauna, showering, surfing, swimming, etc.

Kospet Optimus 2 works as a standalone smartphone, supports the installation of the nano SIM card, the user can use the 4G network for calls and can connect to WIFI to surf the Internet. Navigation systems like GPS, Glonass, Beidou are supported. Delivering faster, more accurate and more reliable tracking performance. It has Google Maps, and allows the user to use the navigation system anywhere in the world.

<<< Use the coupon “333OPTIMUS2” and enjoy the promotional price >>>

You can easily switch the screen to round/square anytime and anywhere according to personal needs, just hold the on/off button and automatically a menu will appear to make the screen square and you will see all the buttons. It should also be noted that the smartwatch can connect to the smartphone through the Gao Fit application.

1627057991 12 Looking for an android smartwatch Discover Kospet Optimus 2

This new model has come to revolutionize the smartwatch market with all the extraordinary features, but better than its features is its bombastic price of €212, being in the next 4 days with a sweeping price of €150, using the coupon “333OPTIMUS2”. The price, as has been normal for this brand, is also excellent and meets what users are looking for. So, if you are looking for a daring device, at a fair price, this can undoubtedly be an excellent option, and you can take advantage of this global launch phase due to the following offers:

  • The first 50 customers will be offered a bracelet, black or brown
  • Customers who purchase between June 28th and July 28th can purchase a bracelet or charging cradle at half price ($9.99 instead of $19.99)

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