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Looking for a GPU? Be aware that the price of graphics cards is already dropping!

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If you’ve been looking for a graphics card and it’s been hard to find, you certainly know why: it’s been the fault of the cryptocurrency miners who have been buying everything there is. But, it seems that there is beginning to be a light at the end of the tunnel, this because China started to regulate mining and prohibit several miners from doing so, which, obviously, this was about to happen.

GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards are already starting to appear on second-hand sales sites at prices much lower than they used to be, all because several mining “factories” were closed and the miners came with a lot of material. that they can no longer use.

Due to China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency farms, many mining GPU vendors have moved to the Sichuan region to sell used equipment as quickly as possible. Thus, you can find several RTX 30 series GPUs for just ¥ 1,760, that is about R$1424 or €230 – if not less – as disclosed by the cryptocurrency website The Block. Another vendor related to cryptocurrency mining is selling gaming computers that used the integrated RTX 3060 GPUs for around €846 or R$5247.

Looking for a GPU Be aware that the price of

The biggest problem for any buyer of this type of second-hand products is that cryptocurrency mining platforms have forced these products to a high degree of processing power for 24 hours, so it is expected that their lifespan has drastically decreased .

As the RTX 3060 models are cheaper to purchase than next-gen GPUs, there was a huge demand by miners, which has driven the price up, as well as now starting to sell in large quantities, drastically lowering prices.

For that reason, it is important that if you have the opportunity to buy an RTX 30 series GPU at this price, pay attention to what you are buying, as it is very unlikely that, even if the product is guaranteed, it will be valid if the product becomes damaged and contact Nvidia for support.

So, although these “excellent” opportunities are still only available in China, it is very possible that it will reach Europe and you should be very attentive to these situations, as buying a cheaper GPU may not be a good deal.

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