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Looking for a game, but can’t find the right price? Learn how to do it

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Video games. Those who are interested in this topic are half as likely to be bored as anyone who devotes their time to different passions.

From those who grew up with them, perhaps from the days of SNES, to those who only recently called (or rekindled) their passion due to the pandemic and subsequent quarantine periods, players occupy an age group generally between 6 and 50 years old , although there are examples of true grandparents who transmit SPF. The pleasure of dedicating a few hours of time to themselves, perhaps with the company of friends for life or, why not, strangers caught online and united by the same passions, is ageless.

But gamers want more. And generally, they want it for less. The expansion of the CD key industry, coupled with the growth in demand, has given life to ambitious stores, each with their prices based on billions of variables. It is good for lazy players, not willing to leave their desks to walk to the nearest physical game store.

The other side of the coin is the time they need to go from online store to online store, delving deep into the network to find that beautiful cheap game opportunity. Yes, the Internet is an infinite resource that gives us the possibility to buy what comes to mind without having to move from our own sofa. If you are a gamer, you probably know that there are too many video game selling sites and, when it’s time to put your hand in your wallet, you want to trust someone to redirect you to the best prices available on the internet. That’s where DLCompare comes in!

Looking for a game, but can't find the right price?  Learn how to do it

DLCompare is a price comparison platform which allows you to compare the prices of a constantly growing number of video games, DLCs and game cards. We strive to make games accessible to each and every player in the world and proudly serve our users in 9 languages, giving anyone in love the chance to find the best online solution (thanks to the dozens of online stores with which we establish partnerships) and to save time and, most importantly, money!

The prices you will see on our comparison tool will be the same as those available on our partners’ websites and we cover each and every one of the available genres. Interested in RPGs? Titles like Torchlight 3 or Baldur’s Gate 3 will fully satisfy your taste! FPS lover? Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War or Metro Exodus it can be a good option to quench your thirst for blood and bullets. In addition, we can make pre-orders available for extremely popular titles like Resident Evil Village and Biomutant, in order to put in your hands in the form of a mouse / controller in the game you constantly dream about … right on the first day of release !!

Of course, this is just an infinitesimal part of the thousands of games you can find on our price comparison tool, along with game cards and DLCs, both for PC and for console. Time is your most precious asset, use it wisely to save money !! Remember our name when you are willing to invest the minimum amount of money for the maximum amount of entertainment !!

Finally, why not make players happy with AAA games at zero cost? The DLCompare team organizes sweepstakes on a weekly / monthly basis, allowing you to put your sweaty hands into video games for free, just by taking a few simple actions like sharing our blog articles or commenting on our posts!

The website also offers a section of news related to the world of games, updated daily, in which we share information about everything related to the next games, new DLC in development and software and hardware revisions.

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