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Looking for a Drone? LS-MIN is an inexpensive 360º camera drone

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The quadricopter has become popular with the accessibility of this type of device to the public, however, looking for a really good drone can be quite difficult. The LS-MIN RC can’t claim to be a premium device (of course, given the price) but with a Full-HD 360º camera, this drone allows amateurs to perfect the art of drone mastery for aerial or shooting shoots. , alternatively, to be used in case of failure of a more expensive drone to remedy.

Take advantage of this drone for only €27 or R$169

The LS-MIN RC is very small in size, palm-sized and ideal for carrying in a carrying case or suitcase — so you never miss shooting anywhere you go — with the ability to accommodate it perfectly wherever you put it. Due to its small size, this device can be more difficult to maneuver in situations of greater air movement (wind), however, the drone provides access to several predefined control tools.


This quadcopter allows basic functions such as up, down, forward, backward, left and right turn and side flight. There are still keys to take off, land and maintain altitude. Essential functions for any drone, but sometimes they are not complete and make them difficult to handle. To control it, the equipment uses a 2.4 GHz band. The intelligent altitude maintenance function can precisely lock the flight altitude to make the drone hover stable and avoid the vibration of the aerial camera.

The drone covered by this campaign uses a Full-HD (1080p) camera that allows you to capture images with some quality and clarity, allowing you to capture truly impressive images.

In addition, it also has post-editing systems that can improve the quality of the footage produced (if you so wish). So that you never lose control of what you’re filming, the quadcopter allows it to be controlled through an app along a path you define — at the distance of a swipe of your fingers on the screen — and the drone will follow without hesitation what you want. let it be done.

Take advantage of this drone for only €27 or R$169

This device comes equipped with a battery of 3.7V and 650 mAh capacity that allows a autonomy of 13 minutes in the air — clearly small, but it should be enough to do something quite interesting — allowing the battery status to be monitored on a small screen next to the device. Also know that there is the possibility of purchasing the drone with a 4K camera, however, it will not be covered by this specific campaign.

blankSomething that we can consider unprecedented for this price level is the possibility of controlling the drone through gestures. In flight, look directly into the camera and make the gestures predefined by the manufacturer, which will recognize them and proceed accordingly — through palm recognition or other gestures that are part of the instruction manual.

As a guarantee of the quality of the product, the retailer who sells the product ensures that in case of a problem, he can and should contact the store to try to solve your problem as far as what is covered by the warranty or stipulated at the time of purchase.


If you are thinking of purchasing this drone, enjoy the promotional price of €27.19 (BRL 169.23) being achieved thanks to a discount of 61% compared to the original value of 68.29€ (425.00 R$).

Shipping is free (by default), VAT is already included for Portugal and for Brazil there is the option of Duty Free Shipping, and units are limited, so don’t wait too long to decide as, regardless of the duration of the campaign, the product is limited to existing stock. This drone is an interesting proposal and provides, in terms of price-quality, an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive models of the competition.

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