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Look at this new Polaroid!

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With Go, Polaroid continues its journey in persistence, and it also appears in the trend of a new format of instant photography on paper, which, in this case, is basically a miniaturized version of its iconic old-fashioned square film. And, as the camera is small, we don’t lose a lot of size in photos in this format, compared to the ´Instax Mini´.

Polaroid says Go marks the “most significant and exciting change to the‘ Polaroid format ’factor in decades” and that’s probably a fact. The improbable return of the brand, is probably the most exciting of this episode, but we don’t want to undermine how beautiful this thing is. And you are expected to take good photographs.

A lot has changed in the last decade in instant photography, although the development of instant camera ‘frames’ has remained more or less intact. Modern cameras have lost weight, with the development of a variety of calming pastel tones, but not exactly delicate.

Look at this new Polaroid

But Polaroid – the new Polaroid, not the old Polaroid – now marks the events. The company says its latest camera, Polaroid Go, is the smallest instant camera in the world. And yes, it looks very small.

How small is small? It is about 10.4cm long, 6cm high and 7.6cm wide. Go is undeniably tiny, but it boasts a handful of useful features, including a selfie timer, selfie mirror and the ability to have dreamy double exposures.

In promotional images, Polaroid models hold themselves delicately supported, or manipulate themselves casually with a few fingers while swinging with various stylish accessories (straps, camera straps) The company really wants people to ‘see’ this thing , it seems, and the author of the article, for example, does not follow suit.

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Polaroid Go will join Polaroid Now, its standard sister, albeit different, and OneStep +, which mixes digital and analog, and connects to a phone via Bluetooth. It is already, and now in pre-order for $ 100 (about 83 €), which is the same amount that you would pay for the new and normal Polaroid camera. But, why would we do it?

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