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LG will start selling iPhones. See why!

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If you follow the technology area, you should already know that the South Korean manufacturer announced that after several years in the negative in the mobile segment, this year it decided to withdraw from the smartphone market, despite having tried to sell the segment, without success. In this sense, there are several situations that have to be resolved, such as smartphones already ready for launch or their physical stores.

Now, LG’s physical stores, the LG Best Shop, have several branded products, but now that the manufacturer is going to leave the mobile market, what will happen to the smartphone sales area. Most of you must agree that the most logical thing would be to replace this area with other products from the company, but it won’t be. In fact, the decision may be quite surprising, which will be to start selling iPhones. Yes, Apple products.

According to the Business Korea, Apple and LG are still in the negotiation process, but the mere fact that they are in negotiations means they are closer to that happening. But it even leaves some doubts in the air: Will it be an area operated by LG employees, or by Apple employees?

LG will start selling iPhones See why

Also, what kind of products will these corners of Apple sell? iPhones, of course, but also iPads and Apple Watches. What about MacBook and iMac? will they also have their place?

According to the site, it is this last part that is causing a discussion between the two companies as LG sells its own computers in its stores and the MacBooks will compete with them. Therefore, it is clear that LG wants to keep Apple computers out, which also means that Apple corners in LG Best Shops will not provide maintenance services for these computers. Of course, Apple is against this.

A final decision has not yet been reached, an LG Electronics official said. However, LG probably wants to close the deal by the end of July, when the latest sales of LG phones will come to an end. There are more than 400 LG Best Shop locations in South Korea, which on Apple’s side could mean a huge expansion of Apple’s sales space in the country.

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