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LG used a virtual character for CES ads

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Used LG is a completely virtual character called Reah Keem To promote some of their products, after CES went completely digital for the first time this year, prompting some companies to use the digital method to experiment with their live-broadcast press conferences.

This virtual character, supported by deep learning, wore a hoodie, made clear that travel was an important part of her life, and expressed the need to roam the world and perform again.

And Reah Keem used those desires to move on LG CLOi UV-C RobotIt is an advertised device that uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect public and popular areas in general.

The robot, announced by LG in December, is designed to disinfect high-traffic areas, such as hotels, with bright ultraviolet light that should reduce exposure to harmful germs.

Reah Keem’s job was to talk about how important CLOi UV-C is to her private life, using the opportunity to talk about how excited she is to start traveling again in the real world, a world she doesn’t really belong to.

“Looks like it might take a while until we can re-parties and parties, and until then, I’ll call my studio and work on my videos and stuff.

The character then turned to the latest laptop from LG, the LG Gram, with a focus on thin bezels and a high-resolution screen, a sophisticated screen aimed at photo and video professionals.

The virtual character concluded, saying: That’s all for me at the moment, but stay tuned because the next update is an exciting update for LG ThinQ.

The company LG announced that it is working on a virtual human and promoted his presence through an account on the Instagram platform that has about 6000 followers, in addition to a page within the SoundCloud service with one song.

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