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LG OLED TVs, World’s First to Support 120Hz Dolby Vision Gaming

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S consoles support 4K Dolby Vision at 120Hz, but there’s a catch. Is that to date, no TV supported all these items at the same time.

Well, the LG announced which is releasing a firmware update that unlocks Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120Hz on its latest 2021 C1 and G1 series OLED models.

LG’s G1 and C1 series were known to be capable of 120Hz 4K gaming with Dolby Vision, as Vincent Teoh of HDTV Test recently pointed out. However, Xbox Series X owners reported that these models were not working, demonstrating an error message that “your TV setup does not support Dolby Vision at 4K 120Hz”.

LG OLED TVs Worlds First to Support 120Hz Dolby Vision

At the time, LG told Teoh that it was testing the functionality and working to bring it to market, and ended up doing it with firmware version 03.15.27. In practice, this makes the C1 and G1 series OLED TV models “the first in the world capable of supporting Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120 Hz on compatible platforms,” the company said.

In addition, LG is testing the feature on other 2021 models, including the OLED Z1 series, QNED Mini LED QNED99 series and NanoCell NANO99 series, all scheduled to receive the update in July. “Additional 2021 and 2020 TV models are also under testing for Dolby Vision gaming at 60Hz or 120Hz,” the company added. There is no information, however, on whether or not to update the 2019 OLED models, some of which also support 4K 120 Hz and Dolby Vision.

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For those who have an Xbox Series X or S console and a 2021 LG G1 or S1 series TV, it may make the error message go away. However, you still can’t play any Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz game, because there is no game at the moment. When these finally arrive, in addition to smoother playback, images will be brighter, contrast enhanced, and colors more vibrant and saturated – just as they do in Dolby Vision encoded movies and TV series.

Along with this feature, the new firmware also features the Game Dashboard, a floating menu that helps LG owners optimize settings. Works on any 2021 LG TV with Game Optimizer, allowing users to switch between genres (standard, FPS, RPG or RTS). You will also be able to see the status of modes like black stabilizer, low latency and variable refresh rate. The new update is being presented to the public, so anyone who has a compatible set should get access to all these features soon.

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