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LG bets on QNED TVs to replace outdated LCD

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Life’s Good is known for its screens OLED that equip thousands of televisions and mobile phones of the brand. Incidentally, at this time, LG is the pioneer of OLED technology, being one of the manufacturers with the best displays in this range, surpassing to some extent Samsung TVs. However, televisions with this type of screens have much higher costs.

In times, technology LCD revolutionized the market by replacing TFT screens, using LED technology to improve image fidelity, however, this technology is already a little outdated. To solve this problem, LG has been taking advantage of smaller scale LED development technology to maximize the use of the same space with more LEDs – which means greater definition for the same space.

The manufacturing process for LED technology is much more accessible than complex technology than organic LED cells (OLED). It was then that a new technology appeared which LG called Mini-LED – which allows “a giant leap in image quality from LCD TV“, Ensuring greater contrast despite the existing backlight, as it can darken up to 2,500 zones surgically.

lg aposta nas qned tvs para substituir os ultrapassados lcd e1609290853285

These new televisions are categorized as generation “QNED”And derive from a similar concept to Samsung’s famous QLED, but only in part of the definition, in the“Q”Of“ Quantum dot ”, which in Portuguese means“Quantum dot”Which is a type of semi-conductive particle of an extremely small size that adds more than a million colors to the spectrum already existing in LED technology. In turn, the letter “N”Refers to the range NanoCell from LG – which currently markets Micro-LED technology for the range OLED.

But how does this new technology work? The generation QNED is composed of a new backlight system that “incorporates up to close to 30,000 small LEDs that produce brightness [de forma muito localizada] with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 when combined with up to 2,500 dim zones […]“. Thus, LG guarantees that a much higher color accuracy is achieved when compared to a traditional LCD television, as well as, in the case of HDR, an advance in the dynamism of contrasts and brightness. In addition, these televisions can reach up to 120 Hz.

lg aposta nas qned tvs para substituir os ultrapassados lcd

Is important do not confuse this technology Mini-LED with technology Micro-LED, as they are different approaches. If, on the one hand, technology Mini-LED improves and incorporates the best of both worlds (within the middle range), LCD LED with knowledge of QLED. The technology Micro-LED is a more advanced development based on the investigation of technology OLED, where the light-emitting LEDs only access when necessary (instead of working as a backlight).

In this way, the LG seeks to recover part of this market segment that it looks for in competitors such as TCL, a Samsung or even the Sony to meet a less costly need that even allows larger TVs. LG guarantees the next televisions QNED they can reach up to 86 inches (which is substantially less cost than producing the same size OLED TVs).

lg aposta nas qned tvs para substituir os ultrapassados lcd 1

For now, we can only wait for the launch of new televisions to prove the improvements that have occurred in the transition from traditional LCD or even the possibility of migrating from QLED from Samsung to the new QNED from Life’s Good that presents a proposal that is definitely annoying in its approach within the middle range.

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