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LG Announces 1.4 Million Euro Television: DVLED Extreme Home Cinema

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No, it is not. We made no mistake when writing the title and we don’t put “thousands” instead of “thousand”. And yes, they should sell very few units, of course, but don’t say that LG won’t sell any, as we will certainly be surprised when (and if) the sales figures for this television are released.

Why is it worth so much? Well, let’s start with the main specs that everyone wants to know when talking about televisions. The new LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Display ranges from 81 inches to 325 inches, with 2K, 4K and 8K resolution. Of course, obviously the value of 1.7 million dollars (disclosed value), which is around 1.4 million euros, is for 325 inches and 8k resolution. But obviously there are many more details that “value” this TV.

Described as the “supercar of home cinema screens”, the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema comes with many options for all tastes, and in addition to the specs already indicated above, it also has a 32:9 format, and still allows very good viewing angles of 160º.


All SmarTVs have the latest version of KG’s WebOS, as well as all the features that the operating system offers, as well as applications. Unfortunately, although streaming services are innovating, we still won’t find a movie that allows us to take advantage of the 8K resolution for 325 inches, although without a doubt it’s a very interesting viewing, certainly.

For TVs at this price, it’s not just specifications that count, but also brand support, and in this LG goes a little further than usual. While brands offer “normal” warranties of 2-3 years, LG, for the new DVLED Extreme Home Cinema offers a five-year warranty, which despite being excellent, for this price they almost deserved a lifetime guarantee..

Didn’t this price scare you? Well, if you don’t have a wallet for the 325-inch, you can have the “smallest”, 81-inch wallet, which will start at $70,000 in the US and is already available at LG official website (We are even curious to know what the price of television will be when it arrives in Europe).

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